About Us

The Sportsmans Motor Club, based in East Kent, was established in 1970 by a small group of enthusiastic drivers wishing to take part in motor sport both competitively and as inexpensively as possible. As a secondary function the Club was to organise social functions for the benefit of the member’s families and friends.

Evolution being a funny animal, now, some 40 years on we are still here doing the same thing albeit somewhat more refined.

We currently run one competitive event per month throughout the year and various social events spread through the year.

At present we run a rolling membership for our members, which enables us to avoid the annual high and low point in our total membership number. We run an annual points championship and mid-way through the season run another championship to give those who have little remaining interest in the main championship a second chance to shine. We also give annual awards to members for achievement and effort - see Roll of Honour.

Our current membership rate is £25 for a 12 month membership.